Testing astrology with statistical methods

The determination of planets is in three ways: naturally, accidentally and specifically. Their indications and significance is based on these three elements. Their universal or “natural” significations are just that; universal. But that testimony may be (and I can’t lay any percentage on how often) weaker than its accidental or specific testimony just as oftenContinue reading “Testing astrology with statistical methods”

The US 2020 Presidential Election Prediction: What went wrong!

First I have to apologize it has taken me so long to get to this. I think it is very important to examine the results and see just where the prediction went wrong. It is important to see if the techniques were invalid and wrong or if, and this is more likely, the astrologer (meaningContinue reading “The US 2020 Presidential Election Prediction: What went wrong!”

The Star of Bethlehem

This is a topic that has piqued my curiosity for years now. As a Christian & a traditional/classical astrologer, I have read just about every theory out there and devoted some time to examining the various arguments, speculations, and facts we can point to. We are dealing with ancient history; sometimes the evidence is ambiguousContinue reading “The Star of Bethlehem”

US Elections 2020

I have been intensely debating with myself whether or not to share the charts that I have looked at with regard to the upcoming election in the US. It seems over the last few years there has developed this culture of, “who made the prediction”, like it is some kind of game show. These kindsContinue reading “US Elections 2020”

A Teachers Thoughts

The Lessons in natal delineation that we teach in classical or medieval astrology are many times, by today’s standards, controversial. When we teach lessons like whether a subject will survive birth and childhood or on finding the Hyleg, we are looking at the ‘bread and butter’ considerations of the ancients when delineating a nativity; i.e.Continue reading “A Teachers Thoughts”

The Conjunctions of Saturn & Mars in Historical Astrology & A Look at Recent Events

Something I have been seeing more and more over the last few years is just how significant the Saturn/Mars conjunctions are in the greater scheme of national events. It is a subject that several of the Persian authors spent time documenting in their own national forums. The correlation of events like riots and rebellions andContinue reading “The Conjunctions of Saturn & Mars in Historical Astrology & A Look at Recent Events”

A compilation of longevity techniques using the prenatal lunation with other techniques

I did not go into details with the each longevity technique to find the releaser (hīlāj) and its lord (kadukḫudhāh). I mainly wanted to see how each major astrologer treated the prenatal lunation in that context. It is clear there were 2 main lines of technique; Dorothean & Ptolemy. Valens methods were only cited inContinue reading “A compilation of longevity techniques using the prenatal lunation with other techniques”

The National Chart for the US… Is Sibley correct?

I am intrigued! Why is a declaration of intent a birth? I have several business clients and they consult with me on the affairs of their businesses. How does one cast a chart for a business? Is it when the owners first conceive the idea and declare their intent? The answer is no! For businesses,Continue reading “The National Chart for the US… Is Sibley correct?”

Understanding modern events through Astrology

One of the main tenets of understanding the historical astrology of astrologers like Abu Ma’shār lies in the understanding of their conception of history. We read for example, “Saturn, is the indication for matters of Beginnings like religions, dynasties, and whatever lasts for a long time, since it is like the beginning for the otherContinue reading “Understanding modern events through Astrology”