“Astrology is both science and art. The ’science’ of it, can probably be learned by most people who have the time and interest. However, the ‘art’ of astrology is more elusive. An inborn talent? Years of experience? A combination of both? Who knows. But master astrologer Steven Birchfield has got it all. He’s the ‘real deal’. The proof? My horoscope delineation that was crafted by Steven 15 years ago. So, yes. I have had 15 years to see if Steven’s interpretations and predictions were correct. I am happy to report: Yes, indeed. Spot on.
I sought out Steven because I felt the modern western astrologers I had consulted with were unable to provide me with answers to the important questions about my life. Where would I find my success? Was my avocation something I could make into a (profitable) career? What about marriage? Children? Health? Inheritance? Using his mastery of traditional (and ancient) astrological techniques, and his innate talent, Steven was able to provide me with the straight forward answers that brought peace of mind (and soul), and a profound understanding of my purpose and direction.
I urge anyone and everyone who seeks practical and inspiration self knowledge to have an astrological consultation with Steven Birchfield.
As inscribed on the pediment of the temple of Apollo at Delphi  – γνῶθι σ(ε)αυτόν – “know thyself”.”

“Choosing to go for a traditional/classical /medieval astrology reading rather than the normal variety on offer, inevitably tips one towards a reality check rather than a psychological profiling. More like getting an evaluation of a property that one is planning to purchase, rather than visiting an interior design showroom.
The traditional delineation is an established tradition using a format that starts with a detailed analysis of the temperament followed by a further analysis of topics requested by the client.
In getting a reading from Steven, I was impressed by the exquisiteness of the delineation, it’s range, scope and thoroughness. He has engaged the tradition and its discipline to a very high standard in the reporting.
Additionally, there is care and weighting of words, the sifting of salient points to capture the essence of the point being delineated. For example, in reporting on a planet’s effect, he will give the full range of descriptors from the positive to negative evaluations so that one does not get fixated on the extreme ends of the spectrum. Rather, that in reading your delineation, you have a variety of adjectives to choose from which match your current experience.
He offers pre- and post person interview sessions to explain the format, fine tune the aims and respond to any queries one might have about the content.
To continue the house evaluation metaphor, you come out with a robust report on the structural issues of the property and this gives you a tool with which to evaluate priorities.
And I have found in Steven, a faithful application of the tradition, along with a human warmth in the interviews a wonderful combination in addressing the need of the reading.”

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