The US 2020 Presidential Election Prediction: What went wrong!

First I have to apologize it has taken me so long to get to this. I think it is very important to examine the results and see just where the prediction went wrong. It is important to see if the techniques were invalid and wrong or if, and this is more likely, the astrologer (meaning me) went wrong with understanding the significations. I am not going to blame the failed prediction on alleged voter fraud or some error of the system. Either astrology sees the results regardless of how it got there or it doesn’t.

Specifically I used techniques that are a part of the historical record. They are not ‘new’ techniques although I think for many the knowledge of them is new, which is not the same as being a ‘new’ technique. When using these techniques I made a couple of assumptions that in hindsight really made and ass of u and me!

To continue reading download the full PDF here!

One thought on “The US 2020 Presidential Election Prediction: What went wrong!

  1. Steven,

    Great follow up article! (Tons of superior astro info.)

    Question: Remind me (again?) of why you prefer to use mundane charts rather than natal charts for presidential election outcomes?




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