Update 24.01.2021

I hope everyone is having a good start to the new year; well as good as can be expected under the demanding and stressful conditions in many parts of the world at this time.

I am sorry I have not had the time to post some things here that I have in the works. With Christmas and New Year and new clients I have found myself a little short of time for everything I want to do. One thing that I have at the top of my list and that is very important is a look at my prediction concerning the elections in the States. I feel it is a responsibility to comment especially since my delineation was incorrect. So to be honest I have to look at where I erred and the mistakes behind the delineation.

Other projects I have in the works are a review of Abu Ma’shar’s work, The Greater Introduction to Astrology; A closer look at the technique of profections as instructed in Abu Ma’shar’s On the Revolution of the Years of the Nativity and a look at the indications concerning the conjunction of Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius and the general portents for this triplicity.

So as I get the time to write so will I publish these items. Thanks for checking in and please follow to get updates and new publications!

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