Testing astrology with statistical methods

The determination of planets is in three ways: naturally, accidentally and specifically. Their indications and significance is based on these three elements. Their universal or “natural” significations are just that; universal. But that testimony may be (and I can’t lay any percentage on how often) weaker than its accidental or specific testimony just as oftenContinue reading “Testing astrology with statistical methods”

A Teachers Thoughts

The Lessons in natal delineation that we teach in classical or medieval astrology are many times, by today’s standards, controversial. When we teach lessons like whether a subject will survive birth and childhood or on finding the Hyleg, we are looking at the ‘bread and butter’ considerations of the ancients when delineating a nativity; i.e.Continue reading “A Teachers Thoughts”

A compilation of longevity techniques using the prenatal lunation with other techniques

I did not go into details with the each longevity technique to find the releaser (hīlāj) and its lord (kadukḫudhāh). I mainly wanted to see how each major astrologer treated the prenatal lunation in that context. It is clear there were 2 main lines of technique; Dorothean & Ptolemy. Valens methods were only cited inContinue reading “A compilation of longevity techniques using the prenatal lunation with other techniques”