The National Chart for the US… Is Sibley correct?

I am intrigued! Why is a declaration of intent a birth? I have several business clients and they consult with me on the affairs of their businesses. How does one cast a chart for a business? Is it when the owners first conceive the idea and declare their intent? The answer is no! For businesses, the chart is cast for the moment they open their doors for business.

I think we can safely say that the astrological community, by large, has accepted the signing of the Declaration of Independence as the “birth of the US”. What is usually disputed is the time of its signing. However, there are several very important things that really “shook my tree” in my recent historical readings and they are connected to some of the discussions I have had about accurate birth times for nations.

The first thing I will point out is that the majority of secular political scientists do not consider a declaration of independence as the beginnings of any nation. The Declaration of Independence issued by the colonies was in fact only the united intention of 13 independent entities, each which had their own constitution or charter. If by definition, the natal ascendant is the “body”, fully formed and functioning independently, then why does the astrological community accept the date and time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence as the birth? Was a nation born then?

The ascendant of any nativity is that degree which rises on the horizon at the moment in which a native first enters the world and draws his first breath. That is the commencement of life. At that point, the native is fully formed and functional with a head and body, limbs and all the internal and external organs. In fact, one can say that from conception until the foetus is born, it has at certain stages of foetal development, certain functions in order, so that while still in the womb it is semi-functional but it is the birth process, which activates the remaining functions like breathing. In the uterus, the foetus even has a heartbeat and circulation and brain functions and even internal organ functions that are complimented by the umbilical connection to the mother. In the foetal stages, we can say it is a living organism but it is not a truly independent organism until it takes that first breath on its own and the umbilical cord is cut and it either survives or dies under its own functions.

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